NJ State Official Website.NJ PAIP New Jersey Car Insurance help for high risk drivers having problems obtaining NJ Auto insurance coverage in the New Jersey voluntary insurance marketplace at favorable terms.

What is NJPAIP?

Car Insurance or NJ State Mandated Assigned Risk auto insurance for qualified applicants.

The plan offers NJ drivers another option when they cannot obtain coverage elsewhere in the state of New Jersey. Assigned Companies provide personal private passenger car insurance coverage. To qualify in general you must have been declined coverage in the New Jersey voluntary or preferred marketplace. Example: You apply for a policy and are told by the insurer that they will not insure your auto in NJ due to the NJDMV points or NJ insurance points (accidents, A DUI, driving suspended or without insurance or other entries) of which an insurance company may refuse or deny anyone coverage due to the "NJ Take All Comers" car insurance law expiring. This ushers in a whole new era of changes in the New Jersey car insurance marketplace. Prior law would require companies writing policies to take any person that applied for coverage unless they had too many points, or were cancelled MID-Term for non payment of premium. With the "Take All Comers" law expiring, you may be refused for many different reasons such as; credit score, education level, town of residence, zip code, total points and other reasons. Order your NJDMV - NJMVC Direct 5 year drivers abstract here.


What if I am a NJ High Risk Driver?

After you enter the New Jersey assigned risk auto pool, the insurance company assigned to you must typically keep you for three years, or until you are no longer qualified. At the end of that period, your company has the choice of keeping you as a customer or not renewing your policy. Even if the insurance company cancels your policy after you have kept your driving record clean and sent in premium payments on time, you should be able to find a preferred car insurance company to issue a policy for you. During your time as a New Jersey assigned risk insurance class driver, it is in your own best interest to keep your car insurance policy in force. This will be important when you try to obtain a policy once your are no longer a high risk. As time goes by without any driving accidents or violations, your odds of getting insurance on the NJ voluntary market become greater. Our certified NJPAIP producers may be able to help you secure other coverage.

Buying your policy: Your NJ-PAIP Certified Insurance Producer will need copies of certain documents; NJ Drivers License, NJ Registration, Proof of NJDMV/NJMVC/Insurance Points, and names of any NJ Insurance companies that have declined you coverage. The NJPAIP producer will have to prove that all drivers in your household are insured somewhere.